Billie Eilish Is in the Driver's Seat for Gucci Eyewear

Billie Eilish Is in the Driver's Seat for Gucci Eyewear

by Alexandra Hildreth

Superstar and longtime Gucci Girl Billie Eilish is the new face of Gucci Eyewear.

The campaign, which is inspired by the film noir genre, depicts two versions of Eilish. “Considered by many to be the voice of her generation, the award-winning singer-songwriter dares viewers to join her on a suspenseful trip through a series of bold portraits that reflects her distinctive style,” notes the press release.

Both the cars and the eyewear create a mysteriously retro aesthetic, with the brand focusing on "unbalanced compositions, a rich palette and contrasted lighting effects" for the visuals.

The first version of Eilish wears the black caravan sunglasses in a black silk suit. The second Eilish wears an oversized pink cat-eye lens paired with a lace Gucci top for a more feminine mirrored image. The cinematic campaign is filled with haunting undertones which encourage the audience to unravel the collection’s mystery alongside Gucci’s starlett.

This isn’t the first time that Eilish has wowed in Gucci. A frequent supporter of the brand, Eilish has often frequented the red carpet in head-to-toe custom looks for years –s ince she was still sporting her iconic neon green hair and her Instagram handle was still wherearetheavocados. In 2020, when Eilish won 5 Grammys, she stepped out in a metallic silk PJ set with a Gucci crystal face mask to match.

As Eilish’s style has transformed from logomania hype to classic and editorial, her custom Gucci looks have developed alongside her. At the Oscars earlier this year, the first-time nominee looked like an old-Hollywood movie star in a dramatic black ruffled gown. At the Met Gala, Eilish’s custom corseted gown was one of the few looks to nail the Gilded Age theme and was made entirely from upcycled materials.

Photo courtesy of Gucci