Billie Eilish Designed the 2028 Olympics Logo

Billie Eilish Designed the 2028 Olympics Logo

by Riley Runnells

In 2028, if the chaos from this year (or a literal asteroid) hasn't wiped out the human race, the Summer Olympics will return to Los Angeles.

Though discussing a hypothetical sporting event eight years in advance seems a bit excessive, the City of Angels Olympic and Paralympic Committee sure knows how to excite a crowd. The committee just unveiled its logo for the 2028 summer games, and it recruited the ever-iconic Billie Eilish to design an alternate.

Eilish isn't the only notable figure to design a version of the logo — athletes like Gabby Douglas, Adam Rippon and Alex Morgan, as well as celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Lily Singh and Steven Harrington have all tried their hat at a design.

Each person was tasked with creating the "A" in the LA28 logo, and while some went with block letters or camouflage, Eilish's approach featured an animated GIF of a lime green "A" with spikes protruding from the left side.

Instead of choosing just one of the designs, organizers will use all 26 and possibly more in the future.

When discussing her design with LA28, Eilish talked about how LA is a pretty friendly place despite what most people may think. She also went on to say that she's inspired by all of the different types of people that live in the city.

"The Olympics is the Olympics, that's everybody, all over the world, coming together," Eilish said. "Eight years from now, I'm looking forward to that."

She went on to talk about how the font of the "A" she chose is the same as the font of her own logo. Questioning whether or not that would be relevant to her eight years from now, Eilish made a point to say she isn't working to please her past self or her future self. Instead, she's working to please her present self.

"I don't know what my life is gonna be like in eight years," Eilish said. "But I'm really just looking forward to the future."

Photo via Shutterstock