Diane Keaton Reviews Billie Eilish’s Burberry 'Fit

Diane Keaton Reviews Billie Eilish’s Burberry 'Fit

Does Billie Eilish, 17, know who Diane Keaton is? I like to think yes. Her parents are actors, after all. Either way, Keaton has heard of Eilish, and that's what matters. The icon of cinema and style recently reviewed one of Billie's all-Burberry OOTDs, and she was full of praise.

"I WANT EVERYTHING YOU HAVE ON," Keaton wrote on Instagram yesterday in enthusiastic all-caps, sharing a pic of the young popstar in literal head-to-toe plaid. She did have some constructive criticism: "THOUGH I'D PAIR IT WITH GLOVES!"

Keaton is, of course, known as a regular glove wearer, but that suggestion aside it's no surprise she's a fan of Eilish's. They both enjoy playing around with masc silhouettes, bulky layers, goth color palettes, and hats. And Keaton recently shared a photo of some long witchy acrylics that are very bad guy.

Someone's manager needs to set up a meeting of these two generation-defining fashion minds, please. The goal is for Billie to start wearing some Annie Hall-meets-Avril Lavigne neck ties.

Photo via Instagram