Twitter vs. Big Sean

Twitter vs. Big Sean

In a world of hot takes, live stories and virtual pile ons, dropping an album in the dead of night doesn't actually seem like such a bad idea. The cover of darkness unfortunately didn't spare Detroit rapper Big Sean from the internet's acid wit, as he and super producer Metro Boomin released Double Or Nothing at midnight last night to immediate and relentless Twitter roasting:

Nonetheless, Sean had his defenders:

With many bringing up the viral affliction that is Lil Pump's "Gucci Gang" as evidence of the haters' poor taste:

This particular project aside, Big Sean is underrated (@ me) and given the outright robbery of Metro Boomin not being nominated for the Producer of the Year Grammy, we'll let this one slide by without holding him too accountable.

In other Detroit news, Woke Eminem released a song, "Untouchable," about white privilege, Colin Kaepernick and the police, and people are equally divided.

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