Beyoncé Responds to Designer Who Claims Her Stylist Never Paid Him

Beyoncé Responds to Designer Who Claims Her Stylist Never Paid Him

Beyoncé's publicist is firing back.

Earlier this week, the fashion designer and artist Nusi Quero uploaded several (since-deleted) posts on Instagram calling out Marni Senofonte, Beyoncé's longtime stylist, for allegedly avoiding payment on several looks he designed for the superstar's Renaissance cover art, among other album projects.

“It is deeply troubling that designer Nusi Quero has posted damaging statements about Marni Senofonte regarding non-payments for work completed," the publicist told Page Six. "In fact, he was paid for his work, and there is proof of all payments made. We have been in communication with his team and there were three payments made to him. The first payment was made on May 9, 2022.”

“The second payment, a fifty percent down payment on the agreed cost, was made via wire on July 8, 2022," they added. "The third and final payment was returned when he changed his account number. It was returned as an invalid account number based on an error on his part. After persistent and exhausting communication to get the correct information on his account and two unsuccessful wire transfer attempts, a physical check was mailed to him for final payment on September 29, 2022."

Quero and Senofonte exchanged words on Instagram earlier this week when the former made his allegations, with Senofonte claiming that Quero did get paid and that she has screenshots of all their conversations and failed wire attempts.

"Nusi, you and I both know you were paid," Senofonte commented on his post. "I have screenshots of all our conversations and failed wire attempts. It's unfortunate you chose this route." Quero has not made any comments since deleting the posts.

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