Beyoncé’s Most Beyoncé Lyrics on 'RENAISSANCE'

Beyoncé’s Most Beyoncé Lyrics on 'RENAISSANCE'

by Kenna McCafferty

The RENAISSANCE is here and, as is the case with every Beyoncé era, has very much taken over. The first of a three-act music project by Beyoncé, the album explores house and ballroom history, tapping Chicago house legends like Honey Dijon, and dance and EDM innovators like Skrillex and A.G. Cook.

Though the album focuses heavily on beats, Beyoncé did not skimp on lyrics. Proving that she talks like this because she can (and will) back it up, RENAISSANCE is braggadocious Beyoncé at her best. Each song is affirmation-ready, delving into themes of loving yourself, and loving on someone else.

In a statement shared with fans following the album's release, Beyoncé says she hopes we all "find joy in this music," going on to relay, “I hope it inspires you to release the wiggle. Ha! And to feel as unique, strong, and sexy as you are. Love y’all deep, B.”

The wiggle has been released. RENNAISSANCE calls on and celebrates ballroom culture, and might just be Beyoncé’s raunchiest album yet (although the stand-alone power of “Partition” remains top of the list). Delving deeper into rap, and experimenting with ballroom rhythms, RENAISSANCE gives us some of the best Beyoncé bars to date.

Beyoncé issues a reminder (read: warning) on RENAISSANCE that she has the sauce, and she’s not afraid to use it. In case you weren’t paying attention, here’s the certified PAPER breakdown of Beyoncé’s most Beyoncé moments on RENAISSANCE.


“It’s not the diamonds/ It’s not the pearls/ I’m just that girl”

Beyoncé has been known to sport a 128 Carat yellow diamond or two. But she is — before all else — a woman of substance. At the top of the album, “I’M THAT GIRL” reminds listeners that she’s more than her glam team.


“Rainbow gelato in the streets/ Renaissance, yachtin' in Capri”

After aptly naming all the colors of the rainbow and some in between (petitioning to add gold to the color wheel), Beyoncé gives back to the LGBTQ+ and the Italian American community all at once, all the while emphasizing that she has a 450-foot-long yacht with which to cruise the Mediterranean.


“Category: bad bitch, I’m the bar”

Beyoncé is constantly raising the bar for all of us, and doing it flawlessly. We’d say we’re surprised, but she’s Beyoncé.


“You Mr. Nasty, I'll clean it up”

Introducing the lesser known, more sinister alternative to Mr. Clean, Beyoncé is sure to spark a cleaning product craze with this one. Just remember, Tide Pods are not to be ingested via mouth or any other bodily orifice...


“'Cause them Karens just turned into terrorists”

Beyoncé knew exactly what she was doing here, and the discourse has already begun. If you feel targeted by this lyric, you are not the target audience. That is all.


“Ain't takin' no flicks but the whole clique snapped”

A highlight off the album’s only single, and an instant Instagram classic.


“I think you're so cool/ (Even though I'm cooler than you)”

There is nothing more Beyoncé than simultaneously complimenting someone, and putting them in their place.


“She gon' shake that ass and them pretty tig ol’ bitties”

There's something so perfect about a song title that's as wholesome as "Church Girl," containing lyrics this explicit.


“Motorboat baby, swerve around/ Slo-mo, slo-mo, coming out my blouse”

Surfboards, Motorboats, yacht references earlier on in the album — Beyoncé loves maritime transportation. Like... really loves it.


“When the queen come through, part like the Red Sea/ Move out the way”

Staying on the aquatic theme, Beyoncé drops both a Biblical reference and a Ludacris reference. There’s more overlap than you’d think.


“Uncle Johnny made my dress/ That cheap Spandex, she looks a mess”

In all seriousness, a very sweet ode to Beyoncé’s late uncle, who was a driving inspiration behind RENAISSANCE and contributed to Tina Knowles’ iconic Destiny’s Child wardrobe designs.


“She say she on a diet, girl, you better not lose that ass though”

After causing a stir over her strict pre-Coachella diet, Beyoncé has since rearranged her priorities.


“Thе rider always want you, I'll be a groupie for you”

Beyoncé comes clean as a stan account admin. We’re thinking @FCKYEAHCHARLI.


“Your ex-dealer dope, but ain’t crack enough”

The most rap-heavy track on the album. Beyoncé has bars and bricks. Sampling Kilo Ali’s “(Cocaine) America Has a Problem,” Beyoncé is "better than your ex, hotter than your next and more addictive than crack cocaine."


“Bad bitches to the left, money bitches to the right.”

And a special shout out to the bitches that go both ways.


“Black silicone and rubbers, I can feel it through those jeans”

Is this about... what we think it’s about? We love a girl that leaves us guessing.

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