Bella Thorne's Skincare Routine Is Infuriating the Internet

Bella Thorne's Skincare Routine Is Infuriating the Internet

Bella Thorne has always been a polarizing figure amongst internet trolls and commenters. However, her latest controversy has less to do with who she's dating and more about her nightly skincare routine.

Earlier this week, Harper's Bazaar had the star talk about her pre-snooze beauty ritual as part of their "Go to Bed With Me" video series.

Thorne — who's tried a variety of treatments for her cystic acne — said that nothing really worked for her until she went the all-natural route. So what exactly does she use? A face scrub of olive oil, sugar, and lemon, which is all she uses unless she wants to do a mask later.

That said, Thorne's method apparently did not impress the internet, who labeled the routine everything from "horrific" to "a hot mess." From Reddit to YouTube, people began voicing their concerns about a) her lack of moisturizer, b) use of a potentially harsh physical exfoliant like sugar, and c) use of acidic lemon juice, which can irritate the skin.

"Just Bella teaching you how to torture your skin," one person wrote underneath the YouTube video. Meanwhile, others took issue with the fact that Thorne referred to moisturizer as "crazy."

"I'm horrified. this might be the worst routine I've ever seen," a second commenter wrote, while another pointed out that, "Everything is made up of 'chemicals'. Natural isn't better. Skincare is literally science. This is a hot mess!"

Oof. Check out the video for yourself, below.

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