Bella Thorne Reacts to Tana Mongeau’s Engagement

Bella Thorne Reacts to Tana Mongeau’s Engagement

Jake Paul proposed to fellow YouTuber Tana Mongeau over the weekend, while the couple celebrated Mongeau's 21st birthday in the club. She said yes! The two have only been dating for three months, and as many followers pointed out, the whole thing reeked of a social media stunt designed to increase, uh, the other kind of engagement.

At least one person is taking it seriously, though: Bella Thorne, Mongeau's most recent ex. Thorne, known for her confessional Instagram presence, posted a tearful selfie after hearing the news. Caption: "When ur ex gets engaged."

Mongeau (kind of coldly?) responded in the comments section with an "omg." Then Thorne posted a screenshot of Instagram offering her mental health support.

Thorne, who has been going through it lately, is probably doing okay. She and Mongeau ended their polyamorous relationship on what appeared to be mutual and amicable terms back in February. Thorne casually announced they'd split up over Twitter.

Another sign that the two remain close: Thorne hit back at a Forbes reporter who dared suggest Paul ask Mongeau for a prenup. She suggested it should be the other way around. Feminism! We love to see it.

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