Exes Bella Thorne and Mod Sun Argue Over eBay Joke

Exes Bella Thorne and Mod Sun Argue Over eBay Joke

Bella Thorne and Mod Sun are currently arguing via Twitter after the rapper said he was going to auction off Thorne's possessions on eBay.

On the heels of their breakup last month, Mod Sun spoke to TooFab about his ex, and joked that if she didn't come to get her stuff in his storage unit soon, "I'm gonna have a really, really poppin' eBay site." Mod Sun also added that they likely wouldn't get back together, as he's "doing SO well" at this point" — though he did add that "the future is so unpredictable."

However, Thorne obviously wasn't pleased with his statement. Yesterday, the actor tweeted, "Awww looks like moddy really wants some press. #hungry also didn't u call the cops on me when I wanted my computer? U pussy."

Mod Sun's response? "Well u came over uninvited. 24 hours after we broke up, Thru the backdoor."

But Mod Sun didn't stop there, as he went on to say she was "not the most trustworthy person."

"I wasn't at the house to see what u were gonna take + to be honest bella...ur not the most trustworthy person," he continued. "I've also told u 6 times since let's SWAP each other's stuff but which u refuse to gather mine." Check out the exchange, below.

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