A Cam Girl-Cum-CEO on the Future of Sex

A Cam Girl-Cum-CEO on the Future of Sex

When you're young, paid pittance, and living in one of the world's many high-priced capitals, transitioning into sex work looks more lucrative by the minute. Then 22-year-old Bella French was one such creative, and when a freak accident resulted in the ruination of her life's work (a fashion collection for which she had opened her own retail outlet), she was forced to think outside the box. To pay the insurance premium, a friend suggested she become a 'cam girl' — connecting with strangers online over video to engage in sexual acts, or simply provide company, for money.

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Within months French had made back the money she lost, and after witnessing the camming landscape firsthand, decided to start a company of her own. In 2014, the number one clip site in the world was born, and the Montreal-based ManyVids continues to lead the charge in innovative sexual content.

In an essay for PAPER, French explains her vision and what she believes to be the future of sex.


The evolution of sexual pleasure is as old as pornography itself. From the time mankind was able to draw, he was busy drawing erotic images. We've used everything we could get our hands on to capture our desires in art form: from early cave drawings to sculptures and paintings. What's curious is that the element of fantasy was present in our erotica from the start. There are exaggerated forms and giant genitalia everywhere you looked.

Fast-forward to the age of nudie magazines and films, and pornographers now had the chance to satisfy every taste and fetish imaginable. So, where do we go from here? What does the future of sexuality look like? Creatures are constantly seeking pleasure, human beings have evolved to seek happiness everywhere they can. The definition of what is happiness can vary from one person to the other, but ultimately once you feel secure, healthy, fed, have enough sleep, you are constantly on a journey to attain happiness.

Love, joy, compassion, and companionship are at the heart of being fulfilled as a human being.

Today, it is through our digital lives that the lines of fantasy and reality have blurred. With the rapid growth of social media and the importance placed on comments and likes in the lives of newer generations, they have transferred their attention towards this worldwide virtual field of peer acceptance. The sexier the picture posted, the more "love" you receive.

For sex workers, greater freedom and the power to make money while doing what you like best is the job of the future. The natural next step will be an online market where you can interact with your fans on video and make a great living doing so. Slowly, the gap between what is real and virtual will close as you invite your fans to join you in your life, share your dreams and be intimate with you. Some will choose to do so while never getting involved in sexual online activities, while others will.

"The growing popularity of plastic surgeries, online filters, video games will have a dramatic impact on sexual desires, especially with the availability and accessibility of porn flooding the internet."

The growing popularity of plastic surgeries, online filters, video games will have a dramatic impact on sexual desires, especially with the availability and accessibility of porn flooding the internet. With the over-exposure of adult content, younger generations will need more and more exceptional experiences in order to get aroused. Fetishes will become more and more extreme. For example, for a man to get aroused, he will need to see a female figure with yellow eyes, a gigantic butt with a micro tiny waist, a heart to replace the mouth, natural, small breasts, the nose of a puppy, rabbit ears, green skin with the appearance of a reptile, a super high pitch voice wearing hot pink latex gloves, seven feet tall and more. The ability to customize your fantasy will become very important. Every month, or even every day, you will be able to completely change your boyfriend or girlfriend's appearance without having to hurt anyone's feeling along the way.

Augmented and virtual reality will become essential to the point where a regular human being won't be enough anymore. Wanting to have a sexual encounter with a human, won't be the norm, it will become a fetish. In fact, there will no longer be such a thing as a fetish, because normal sex will not exist.

"In fact, there will no longer be such a thing as a fetish, because normal sex will not exist."

Customization will also be a factor when it comes to the behavior and the personality of your sexual partner. Toys will become robots and robots will be at the heart of the human sexual experience. These artificial beings will become our everyday life partners and they will ultimately make many humans happier. This will also be a solution for the ever growing loneliness epidemic and the socially awkward seeking companionship. Augmented reality matched with high tech sophisticated toys is where I see human interactions evolve towards the near future.

I believe that we will be a multi-planet civilization and virtual interaction will play a vital part in this journey. While traveling long distance, video interaction will become crucial. There will have to be a virtual sex space program to allow our basic instinct needs to be met and keep companionship, love and sexuality part of our not-so-human lives anymore. Let's dive into it!

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