Behwah Throws It Back to the '90s With 'Vogue Snap'

Behwah Throws It Back to the '90s With 'Vogue Snap'

Behwah's a pure '90s fever dream in her new video for "Vogue Snap."

Written alongside Inner State, a producer she met on Tinder back home in South Carolina, "Vogue Snap" is an energetic bop released by Psysound Productions, a new label from Nasty Cherry's Chloe Chaidez, that gives us early aughts mall-pop glam (and arrives with a remix from Count Baldor).

In line with this vibe is the colorful visual where she serves crop top realness and throws a foam party with friends. Created by a group of artists including Chaidez and Ayesha Fernandez, it feels like a TLC video mixed with a splash of Deee-Lite and plays into Behwah's background as a competitive hip hop dancer.

However, Behwah also wants to make it clear that "Vogue Snap" is all about inspiring any artist at home "to keep creating and releasing their work on the internet." She continues, "'Vogue Snap' is a great song to listen to on full blast. It's fun and vibey just like me. So excited for people to hear it."

Chaidez's label "started very naturally over quarantine," according to the musician, when she "began producing endlessly in the hours in solitude." She adds, "I also began skateboarding a ton. Both of these things led to unexpected and beautiful musical sessions, and a truly innovative group of artists."

Watch the music video for "Vogue Snap" and stream it, below.

Photo courtesy of Behwah


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