Bava Makes a Big Impression With Her 'Itsy Bitsy' Music Video

Bava Makes a Big Impression With Her 'Itsy Bitsy' Music Video

Bava is making a big impression with an "Itsy Bitsy" music video.

While you may not know her name just yet, you've definitely heard her work, with the most notable being DJ Snake, Cardi B and Selena Gomez's global chart topper, "Taki Taki." A prime example of her signature brand of "slinky pop," the song's sonic impact on the musical landscape has proven that Bava isn't just an artist who's aware of where pop is heading, but the one who's plotting the course. But this time, the acclaimed singer, songwriter, producer and performer is doing it under her own name via her debut EP, Imitate.

Bava's sound is heavily influenced by her immigrant roots and personal history, taking ample inspiration from Haitian music and what she grew up listening to, whether it's '90s R&B, classic rock or Lady Gaga. So it makes sense that "Itsy Bitsy" is a pop hit that defies genre and labels by combining dramatic strings flourishes with aughts pop and a hint of '80s ballroom flair.

"'Itsy Bitsy' is bold, unapologetic, cheeky and cute with intricate production that was lovingly yet painstaking to create. But most of all, it’s fun!" as Bava explained of her first-ever single, which was co-written by Skrillex protégé KillaGraham. And as she went on to explain, the song is meant to be an upbeat power anthem, written at a time when she felt "disempowered" and "needed to escape into a fantasized 1000 ft tall boss version of myself taunting the one who hurt me."

But despite with maximalist sounds and extremely disparate sonic elements, "Itsy Bitsy" still doesn't feel exaggerated or overproduced in the slightest, meaning a minimalist music video actually ends up feeling like the perfect visual accompaniment. Because as Bava proves with the video for "Itsy Bitsy," if you're already a certified boss bitch, all you really need to get people's attention is a white seamless in an empty photo studio.

Watch it for yourself, below.

Photo courtesy of Bava