Is Bad Bunny Making Out with Kendall Jenner?

Is Bad Bunny Making Out with Kendall Jenner?

by Peyton Gatewood

The internet is stirring after DeuxMoi confirmed a particularly juicy blind item involving Puerto Rican musician and international craze Bad Bunny kissing a high-profile model is about Kendall Jenner.

The Instagram account first posted a nameless blind that read: "This single, famous model sister was seen playing tonsil hockey with Bad Bunny at a private L.A. club last night." It was revealed on Deux U, DeuxMoi's podcast, that the "famous model sister" in question was the model sister. DeuxMoi went on to say she had more than one witness in the Los Angeles club who allegedly saw the two making out.

"I have witnesses on the scene who saw her leave the club. Kendall left the club, got into her car, two minutes later they pulled Bad Bunny's car around," DeuxMoi said.

Fans think they can identify Jenner from now-viral paparazzi shots of the mystery woman inside a tinted vehicle leaving the club. How? Her nails. The woman in the photograph is completely hidden from view apart from her cherry-red nail lacquer, the same color Jenner is sporting in her recent instagram posts.

Since then, "Kendall Jenner" has been trending on Twitter.

In the wake of his acclaim, everyone is a little bit in love with Bad Bunny. Many listeners are devastated at the prospect of their celebrity crush paired with a Jenner.

"These rumors about Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner making out in a club got me sick to my stomach," said one fan. "BAD BUNNY DONT LEAVE US FOR KENDALL JENNER PLEASE THIS ISNT YOU," Another supporter chimed in, attached to a video of Viola Davis sobbing, chanting "Stay with me!"

Some are taking it better than others, choosing to meme their feelings.

One Twitter user summed it up perfectly:

True or not, we will still be streaming Un Verano Sin Ti.

Photo via Getty/ Shareif Ziyadat