Bad Bunny Isn't Sorry About Throwing That Fan's Phone

Bad Bunny Isn't Sorry About Throwing That Fan's Phone

Let this be a lesson to all you Bad Bunny fans out there: If you're going to try to muscle your way into a selfie with the artist, don't expect to keep your phone for long.

A new clip of an exchange between Bad Bunny and a woman is going viral after the rapper was seen throwing a fan's phone into a body of water in the Dominican Republic. In the video, the fan can be seen weaving her way past security and pressing up close against Bad Bunny in order to snap a quick selfie, only for him to pluck the phone from her grip and yeet it into the distance.

The video of the incident, which has nearly 10 million views at the time of this writing, naturally had the internet inflamed, with many armchair critics complaining that Bad Bunny was out of touch, that he should buy the woman a new phone and that, as a high-profile celebrity, he should just accept the fact people are going to invade his personal space. Bad Bunny, on the other hand, disagreed with all the pearl-clutching and stood by his actions, calling out the "lack of respect" that was displayed.

“The person who comes up to me to say hello, to tell me something, or just to meet me, will always receive my attention and respect,” Bad Bunny tweeted in Spanish. (To his credit, a later segment of the video does show the rapper greeting other fans who flagged him down more respectfully.) “Those who come to put a fucking phone in my face I will consider it for what it is, a lack of respect, and I will treat it likewise.”

Bad Bunny is far from the only artist refusing to apologize for throwing fans' belongings. Steve Lacy notably ruffled similar feathers on his most recent tour, where he was seen smashing a disposable camera on stage after someone threw it at him. The incident was just one of many frustrated outbursts from Lacy, who had had to contend night after night with throngs of people who only turned out to hear the portion of "Bad Habits" they'd heard on TikTok.

"I don’t believe I owe anyone an apology," Lacy later wrote on Instagram. "Maybe I could've reacted better? Sure. Always. I’m a student of life. But I’m a real person with real feelings and real reactions. I’m not a product or a robot. I am human. I will continue to give my all at these shows. Please come with respect for urself and others please thank you love u."

Fortunately for Bad Bunny, the artist has already announced his intentions to take some well-deserved time off in 2023. “I’m taking a break," the artist recently told Billboard. "2023 is for me, for my physical health, my emotional health to breathe, enjoy my achievements,” he said. “We’re going to celebrate. Let’s go here, let’s go there, let’s go on the boat. I have a couple of sporadic commitments, and I’ll go to the studio, but there’s no pressure. Remember yourself, cabrón. You’ve worked your ass off.”

Photo via Getty/ Theo Wargo