Azealia Banks Will Have Fashion Girlies Saying 'Pra-Da-Da'

Azealia Banks Will Have Fashion Girlies Saying 'Pra-Da-Da'

by Alexandra Hildreth

Queen of social media Azealia Banks is on a roll with surprise, new releases. Hot off the announcement earlier this month of her forthcoming reality show, Banks dropped a sneak peek of her track, “New Bottega,” on her Instagram this week.

In the newest clip, below, Banks opens her song by calling out the hottest Italian designer names. "Baby I don’t rock Moschino, Versace, Valentino," she begins, before the hook: Real Italiana mama... New Bottega, Pra-Da-Da.”

True to Banks' style, she puts on a camp Italian accent, rapping: "I like the Gucci, the Miu Miu, Missoni, New Cavalli, vintage Armani, Ferragamo, Amor Milano, I put the boy in Galliano, now he's a fuckin’ model."

Banks, who was expected to drop the full track last Friday, has been teasing the song since the beginning of August. With its heavy beat and name dropping left and right, comments have already dubbed this song "the Fashion Week track."

Who knows, maybe she'll return this season to NYFW, where she previously walked during Kim Shui.

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