Azealia Banks Drops Her Label

Azealia Banks Drops Her Label

Just a couple of months after announcing that she had signed to Warner Music UK's Parlophone, Azealia Banks has revealed that she dropped her label and will be releasing her next track independently.

Banks put the record label on blast in a new Instagram story, saying, “This staff is full of really silly fragile white liars” and that “the roster is full of corny losers and I’ve had it lmao.” The rapper had only just confirmed that she had signed with Parlophone back in November 2022, joining the likes of David Guetta, Coldplay and Lily Allen on the historic British label's roster. Banks initially expressed excitement about the partnership, writing, "I’m coming home. I did it. I wasn’t going to let you down,” but clearly the relationship has quickly gone south. "Like how many idiots does it take to screw in a fucking lightbulb?” she said.

Reading between the lines, Banks seems to have been frustrated with label execs delaying the release of her new music. On the bright side, Banks did go on to confirm in the same breath that her highly anticipated fashion anthem "New Bottega" would finally be seeing the light of day and will hit streaming platforms this week. “That shit was stressing me TF OUT.”

Banks went on to quote Jay-Z's "On to the Next One" in her next Instagram story, writing “I DON’T GET DROPPED I DROP THE LABEL,” adding "LMAO PUSSIES" to the end just in case the message wasn't already clear enough.

It remains to be seen whether or not Banks will continue to release as an independent artist moving forward. What we do know is that this label drama will make perfect fodder for her upcoming reality TV show. The rapper confirmed last August that the upcoming series was moving forward after reportedly being held in development hell because of Nicki Minaj. Banks didn't give any sort of concrete timeline for the project but promised that "FINALLY people get to see the real me: an asshole."

Photo via Getty/ Tim Mosenfelder