Get Awake NY and Chroma's 'Protect People Not Borders' Tees

Get Awake NY and Chroma's 'Protect People Not Borders' Tees

Amid ongoing distress surrounding U.S. immigration policies, fashion brand Awake NY and creative studio Chroma have teamed up on a T-shirt that reminds people what's truly at stake. In the Trump administration's aim to protect and secure our borders, care for immigrants who're pursuing better lives in America has been lost. As a result of policies leading to mass family separation and ICE raids, the administration has come under fire from activists and artists the world over.

So, Awake NY and Chroma's collaboration, a T-shirt that reads "Protect People Not Borders" reinforces the need to rally around the most affected by the current U.S. immigration crisis. The shirt comes in English and Spanish, and on the back, spells out migrant rights if detained by ICE officials.

"You have the right against unlawful searches by ICE / Tienes el derecho de no ser objeto de busquedas legales por parte de agentes de ICE," one of the rights reads.

Both English and Spanish versions of the shirts, designed by Rin, are available for $50 apiece. According to Awake NY's Instagram page, "All proceeds of the sales will be donated to two organizations: Al Otro Lado, a group which provides medical and legal support to immigrants at the US-Mexico border, and Casa Arcoiris, which provides support and shelter to the LGBTQ+ migrant community in Tijuana."

Chroma's Instagram also shared the T-shirts in several posts. "Our intention with this shirt was to create an accessible and simple entry point for folks to feel activated to not only raise awareness but directly fund existing initiatives and organizations who are doing the crucial works," one post reads. "So, the very least we could do is mobilize our communities to serve as catalysts for those who are struggling to activate themselves in contributing where they can. It goes with out saying that this is beyond supporting a good cause, this is a full on humanitarian crisis and the very least we can do is emphasize and affirm the urgency that it is."

The shirts launched over the weekend and sold out within 20 minutes, however, more are currently available for pre-order at Awake NY's website, here.

Photography: June Canedo