Ashnikko Is Angrier Than Ever

Ashnikko Is Angrier Than Ever

You generally don't want to get on Ashnikko's bad side — but if you do, be prepared to be met with the full unbridled brunt of her rage.

Riding on the success of her 2021 mixtape DEMIDEVIL and her Coachella debut looming on the horizon, Ashnikko is kicking off the new year with her raucous new single "You Make Me Sick!" Full of thrashing nu-metal guitars laid out over a distorted trap beat, the track sees the rapper going full scorched-earth on an ex-lover, amping up the aggression level to 11 with screamo vocals and pure pissed-off fury. Lyrically, Ashnikko pulls no punches either, laying into the unfortunate soul that dared to cross her with one vicious verbal onslaught after the next with lines like "You don’t know your way around a pussy call you 'Chad'/ Throwing temper tantrums every time I got a bag."

“I’ve decided to come back with my angriest, most cathartic song to date,” Ashnikko says of the track. “My own personal rage room for me to smash my plates.”

And just in case you weren't already thoroughly terrified, the single arrives alongside a music video that will leave you fully freaked out. Directed by Saam Farahmind, the visual feels like if H.R. Giger tried to produce a flashy big budget hip-hop music video, with Ashnikko cast as a latex-clad hive mother vomiting black sludge into the mouths of her disciples through an elaborate system of tubes spliced between bits of ass-shaking choreo.

Ashnikko filmed on the Virtual Production stage at Garden Studios, London

Take an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the "You Make Me Sick! music video and watch, below.

Photography by Vasso Vu


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