Ashnikko Is a Blue Velvet Vision in Wesley Berryman

Ashnikko Is a Blue Velvet Vision in Wesley Berryman

If there's one word to describe Ashnikko, it's "over-the-top," so needless to say, the viral TikTok star's descent upon this evening's Brit Awards made quite the splash. However, it wasn't just the two people holding her hair.that got everyone buzzing, as her custom look, courtesy of cult designer and PAPER favorite Wesley Berryman, also definitely got heads turning.

Much like Ashnikko herself, the Betsy Johnson-styled, all-blue look — complete with an asymmetrical corset top and ostentatious rhinestone claw — is a larger-than-life fantasy.

Granted, that also shouldn't come as much of a surprise, as when it comes to the realm of dark delirium, Berryman's your designer. And obviously, he had the perfect look dovetailing her personal style with his desire to create "a character in my own world of Weslah."

"I think a red carpet is a great moment to say 'this is exactly who I am' and burn that image into the eyes of the world,'" Berryman told PAPER, before explaining that he spent a lot of time "just looking at her pictures, feeling her energy through the imagery that she puts out in the ether."

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According to the designer, he primarily drew inspiration from her infamous, deep blue hair, adding that the custom blue velvet outfit — which also features his signature sportwear detailing, high-cut thongs, and metal-inspired logos —took 10 days to complete with the help of his pattern-maker, Hidden In Plain Sight's Clarissa.

Despite the amount of work though, Berryman said that the look was "a lot of fun to create" and that its making-of "has opened my heart to the next level of creation, as I discover a lot about myself and the world when doing a look."

Even better? Though its creation may have taken a village, the outfit ultimately does exactly what Berryman aimed to do.

After all, as he put it, "In my world, everyone is the perfect embodiment of their divine beings, so I wanted the look to convey a super powered version of her" — and, honestly, if that look doesn't make you scream "her power," then I don't know what would.

Check out a few shots of the outfit-in-progress, below.

Photos courtesy of Wesley Berryman

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