Ashley Tisdale Is Pregnant!

Ashley Tisdale Is Pregnant!

Celebrity pandemic baby szn continues with a sweet Instagram announcement from Ashley Tisdale. She's pregnant with her first child, posing with her bump and husband of six years Christopher French.

Sharpay is having a kid! A real "feel old yet?" moment. She's the first of the core High School Musical cast to get pregnant, and Vanessa Hudgens has already congratulated her in the comments section. Too cute.

No reports of when the baby is due, but Tisdale is sure to chronicle this experience on her lifestyle venture Frenshe. We're sure her two canine babies Ziggy Stardust and Sushi Sue, both Instagram stars in their own right, are excited to meet the newest member of the family.

Just so you can keep tabs, other notable lockdown pregnancies include Gigi Hadid, Emma Roberts, Nicki Minaj and Chrissy Teigen. Congrats to all!

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