Is Ariana Grande Launching 'Thank U, Next' Beauty?

Is Ariana Grande Launching 'Thank U, Next' Beauty?

Are you finally over your Thank U, Next obsession? Of course not. Ariana Grande knows that and is now rewarding your relentless addiction to the breakup anthem with a beauty line.

Last week, the singer reportedly filed for a trademark under the name of her album. According to TMZ, on April 2 the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office received a request from Grande for a line of beauty products under the title "Thank U, Next."

The products listed include a line of fragrances (eau de cologne, eau de parfum, and eau de toilette), shower gels, body powders, body scrubs, body mists, and body lotions.

Although Grande has previously created a range of fragrances, such as Sweet Like Candy, Moonlight, and Ari, (all retailing at Ulta), this would be mark her first foray into a full blown skincare line. In November, Lush launched an exclusive bath bomb inspired by her hit single,"God Is a Woman." So it seems the singer might be drawing from some experience.

Unfortunately, no word yet on a launch date.

Photo via Carl Timpone/BFA