Anna of the North Chills Out at Home on 'Dandelion'

Anna of the North Chills Out at Home on 'Dandelion'

You would think that after spending two years confined to homes, hiding out from the pandemic, we would be sick of seeing the same four walls day-in and day-out, but weirdly enough — you would be wrong. Call it Stockholm (or perhaps Stock-home) syndrome, or perhaps finding comfort in familiarity, but there's still plenty to love about spending a day lounging on the couch or idly tending to house plants. It's that kind of casual, carefree mood that Anna of the North has channeled in her latest visual.

Fresh off the release of her Gus Dapperton collab "Meteorite," Anna of the North returns with a new visualizer for her single "Dandelion." A bright summery pop tune full of warm guitars and twinkling synth notes, "Dandelion" sees Anna turn her finely honed pop prowess and raw emotions into a wistful ode to a one-sided love. “'Dandelion' is a song about lost love," Anna says of the track. "The kind of love that can’t stay for obvious reasons... Still there is hope that one day it’ll work out.”

In contrast to the high energy ebullience of "Dandelion," Anna presents a rather chilled out atmosphere. Working with Australian designer Montana Kitching to help bring the artist's living room to life, the visualizer sees Anna relaxing with her big fluffy dog, casually flipping through a few books and magazines from the selection adorning the adjacent bookcase. With a warm yet muted color palette and static, fly-on-the-wall view, the visual for "Dandelion" is the epitome of cozy vibes. It's intimate without feeling too close for comfort and invites fans to explore even more of Anna of the North's home in future music.

Check out the official visualizer for Anna of the North's "Dandelion" below.

Photos courtesy of Anna of the North