Watch the Trailer For Ryan Murphy's 'Andy Warhol Diaries'

Watch the Trailer For Ryan Murphy's 'Andy Warhol Diaries'

by Hedy Phillips

The first trailer for Ryan Murphy’s newest venture, The Andy Warhol Diaries, just dropped, and it shows a fascinating AI take on the famed artist.

The six-part documentary series, which arrives this spring on Netflix, will delve into Warhol's life, starting back in his early days in Pittsburgh, and through his life and career as a private person and artist. The Netflix description reveals that the doc closely chronicles Warhol's life after being shot by Valerie Solanas, diving into the man behind the image.

Bill Irwin is the voice behind the artist in the doc — kinda. He recorded the lines for the project, but text-to-voice tools were used to meld Irwin's voice with Warhol's, making the person on the screen sound just like the real Andy Warhol, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Director Andrew Rossi told Entertainment Weekly that getting the voice right in The Andy Warhol Diaries was incredibly important.

“Andy Warhol was famously guarded about his personal thoughts and opinions," Rossi said. "That's one reason his Diaries are such a rare and fascinating window; he could be incredibly raw and emotional as he talked to his diarist over the phone. To fully appreciate the radical vulnerability that Andy shares in the Diaries, I felt that we needed to hear the words in Andy's own voice."

The doc also includes never-before-seen material from Warhol's life, Rossi shared, including “letters, poetry, Super 8 film, and other media that had not been restored or widely viewed until now.”

Murphy, of Glee and American Horror Story fame, executive produced the docu-series alongside Rossi, Josh Braun, Stanley Buchthal, Alexis Martin Woodall and Scott Robertson. The Andy Warhol Diaries will also include interviews with close collaborators of Warhol’s, as well as fans like John Waters and Rob Lowe.

Amid it all will be Warhol "himself" reading from his diaries, and giving viewers a new perspective on the life he lived both in and out of the spotlight.

Check out Netflix's The Andy Warhol Diaries when it drops on March 9.

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