Sharon Stone 'Met Two Gay Guys' On a Certain Dating App

Sharon Stone 'Met Two Gay Guys' On a Certain Dating App

by Joan Summers

Sharon Stone met two gay guys on Raya and lived to tell the tale.

The news comes courtesy of Andie MacDowell, who stopped by The Jennifer Hudson Show to not just talk about gay people on dating apps, but American Idol and ghosts. Naturally! While in conversation with host Jennifer Hudson, MacDowell revealed she's ready to dip her toes back into the Los Angeles dating maelstrom.

"Are you on any dating apps?" Hudson asks, and MacDowell declares, "I'm not!" However, she immediately backtracks, and says, "Yes... well I am." She then tells Hudson that not only has she never done online dating before, but she hasn't put much thought into her love life at all. "I didn’t put the energy into it. I was so happy working and doing other things."

MacDowell then revealed: "I did have Sharon Stone reach to me to tell me that she's on Raya — that's the one I’m going to do." MacDowell then laughs, and says Stone "met two gay guys on there and that was all that she got from Raya!" The dating app is the preferred choice for many celebrities due to its exclusivity.

But dating apps aren’t her only forays into the dating circuit. MacDowell also explains to Hudson that she went on a date with a man recently who told her she looked "beautiful for her age." (For what it’s worth, I don’t think the gay guys on Raya would say this!)

Then there's the ghosts in MacDowell and Hudson's houses, which the two bond over. First, Hudson exclaims her ghost "kicked me, pushed me down the stairs, child" while she was "going on about my business" before she found herself "floating down the air."

MacDowell, meanwhile, has a nice ghost with a dog. "I've seen it!" she declares. "It's just a little dog, it's kind of gray… It's walking the dog. He goes by and the dog goes by."

A flair for drama and little dogs? For what it's worth, it sounds like the two ghosts could also be gay.

Below, watch the full interview.

Photo courtesy of BFA/ Owen Kolasinski