Anderson .Paak Says Party With Your Phones Down

Anderson .Paak Says Party With Your Phones Down

Mar 19, 2024

Anderson .Paak wants you to have a good time, even if he’s got to be strict about it.

Spinning a DJ set under his groovy, shaggy-bowl-cut donning alias DJ Pee .Wee, the impeccably dressed performer had a message for party revelers who were too busy recording his set to shake their tail feathers: “I know I look good, you look good too,” he says between smiles. “But let’s dance!”

It’s easy to see why he’s taking the fun so seriously. This was his second chance at spinning an event with Jameson. “I’m psyched to be back with my Jameson crew for their St. Patrick’s Eve bash!’ he shared in a statement leading up to the event. “I was supposed to help kick off Jameson’s St. Patrick’s Day with a concert in 2020, but that year had other plans for us. When I learned they were throwing an epic St. Patrick’s Eve celebration in New York City, I knew I had to be there to DJ. Music is all about bringing people together and sharing one-of-a-kind experiences, something Jameson and I know a thing or two about. Can't wait to get the party started early.”

Hosted on a Times Square rooftop by SNL comedians Colin Jost and Michael Che, .Paak’s DJ set was in honor of what the whiskey brand had coined “Jameson St. Patrick’s Eve,” their plan to clap-back at the Leap Year for pushing the green themed holiday to Sunday, when it would’ve landed on Saturday for the first time this year. Attended by performers, influencers and fans of Irish Whiskey decked out in green, the party also featured a drop the Times Square Ball, timed to the clock striking midnight in Ireland.

But the best part of the night? .Paak’s timeless set, as he brought in tracks from the ‘70s and beyond, equipped with a saxophone player and a crowd erupting in synchronized glee when favorites from Missy Elliot and Fergie took over the dance floor. Looking for cell phone video evidence of our dance moves? Sorry, when DJ Pee .Wee says put your phone down during “Glamorous,” PAPER listens.

Photography courtesy of Jameson Whiskey