Ana de Armas Fans Sue Universal Studios

Ana de Armas Fans Sue Universal Studios

Ana de Armas' fans are suing Universal Studios after she was cut out of the 2019 film Yesterday.

The two individuals rented the film and were expecting to see the actress after she appeared in the trailer for the Beatles-inspired romantic comedy. And when they were disappointed to find out that her scenes didn't make it to the final cut, they decided to file a class-action lawsuit against Universal Studios.

Conor Woulfe, 38, of Maryland, and Peter Michael Rosza, 44, of San Diego County, Calif., say they each paid $3.99 to rent the movie on Amazon Prime. And according to court documents, they are suing for $5 million in damages on behalf of all affected consumers, saying that the company released “false, deceptive and misleading advertising” for the movie.

The complaint read, “Because consumers were promised a movie with Ana De Armas by the trailer for Yesterday but did not receive a movie with any appearance of Ana de Armas at all, such consumers were not provided with any value for their rental or purchase."

They also claimed that the two lead actors Himesh Patel and Lily James were not really famous or known actors prior to the film, and accused Universal of using de Armas for promotional purposes to "entice viewership."

De Armas was initially supposed to play one of the main character's love interests, Roxanne. She was going to be in a love triangle with Patel and James, but this didn't work well with test audiences. “That was a very traumatic cut because she was brilliant in it. I mean really radiant. And [that] turned out to be the problem,” screenwriter Richard Curtis told CinemaBlend in June 2019.

Neither Universal Studios nor the Knives Out actress have publicly addressed the lawsuit.

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