Amnesia Scanner Spirals on 'AS Going'

Amnesia Scanner Spirals on 'AS Going'

Long before COVID-19 was a blip on the radar, Amnesia Scanner saw the beginnings of the end.

The Berlin-based duo of Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala has always made music that sounded like it was pulled off a decayed flashdrive from the remains of an irradiated club in some post-apocalyptic hellscape. Their newest full length record, Tearless, brings new meaning to that idea. Described as "a breakup album with the planet," Tearless may predate the ongoing global pandemic, but it was out of "a looming sense of radical change" as it relates to climate change and political shifts that Amnesia Scanner's latest effort was born.

Out June 5th on PAN, the new album features collaborations with Lalita, Code Orange and the newly released "AS Going" with Brazilian DJ/producer LYZZA. Accompanied by a claustrophobic new visual that features various people pressed up against a pane of glass being whipped around like clothes in a spin cycle, the slinky reggaeton-inspired song is a change of pace from some of the abrasive sounds explored on Amnesia Scanner's debut album,Another Life. There are still hallmarks of a traditional Amnesia Scanner track — alien vocals, cybernetic trills and deconstructed rhythms — but there's a sinister calm about the way "AS Going" slithers along like an anthem for a collapsing civilization.

Check out the full music video for "AS Going," below, and pre-order Amnesia Scanner's new album, Tearless, here.

Photography: Ville Kallio