Naturally, Amanda Lepore's Lips Are Patrick Church's Muse

Naturally, Amanda Lepore's Lips Are Patrick Church's Muse

by Ana Escalante

Patrick Church loves Amanda Lepore, and so do we.

The British graphic artist and fashion designer is teaming up with the club kid blueprint on a limited-edition capsule emblazoned with artwork of the model and singer. Loved for his hand-painted work, Church continues to explore the compelling intersection between pop culture and high art through Lepore's likeness.

The collection features skin tight bodysuits, opera gloves, swimwear and more all in a kitschy, pop-art style that's grown to be synonymous with Church. Playing into Lepore's sex-symbol iconography, the star's massive red lips, perfectly coiffed platinum bun and dramatic makeup arrives in the form of fluorescent portraits printed on clothing.

The pair stars in the capsule's campaign with the fashion speaking for itself. In one shot, Lepore takes her throne in a barely there monokini while Church acts as her seat. Campy and fun, the entire collection feels like a reminder that sometimes, vanity is the best thing we can have.

"'Amanda to me has always been the epitome of glamour," Church tells PAPER. "Like so many people I have a deep respect and admiration for her. I have always wanted to collaborate on something with her and this opportunity was really a dream. She is everything I loved and more and it is truly an honor that I can celebrate her."

The full capsule collection is available exclusively on

Photography: Chelsy Mitchell
Hair: Lorenzo Diaz
Assistant: Carrie Rich
Makeup: Esteban Martinez