Amanda Lepore Is 'Too Drunk to Fuck' On Her New EP

Amanda Lepore Is 'Too Drunk to Fuck' On Her New EP

By Tia Long

Approaching nearly seven years since Amanda Lepore's 2005 debut album I…Amanda Lepore, the New York-based transgender icon is reclaiming dance floors with her new four-track EP, called LEPORE.

Piecing together LEPORE. took about five years, as it wasn't easy follow her queer cult classics like "My Hair Looks Fierce," "Turn Me Over," "Cotton Candy," "Champagne" and "My Pussy." Lepore successfully channeled her inner club diva on this new EP with campy dance records, including "Buckle Up," "My Panties," "Too Drunk to Fuck," and a cover of David Bowie's "The Jean Genie."

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"LEPORE. was inspired by my travels around the world," Lepore says. "I always enjoy performing live for fans and I have been doing it more now than ever before. I was in need of new material that would help spread my message to fans that they should always love their beautiful, sexy and glamorous selves!"

The project features collaborations with hip-hop artist Cazwell, writer and producer RedTop, Knifekick, Ted Ottaviano, DJ Angelo "Pepe," twin duo NERVO, and longtime musical collaborator Bill Coleman (of Peace Bisquit). Coleman says his mission was to marry Lepore's love of Hollywood glamour and vintage bombshells with "a fearless kick up your Louboutins humor and a showgirl-worthy groove."

Coleman adds that "Amanda's fans expect her to not only be glamorous but to also buck trends. We're excited for fans to hear the next evolution of music from the hardest working gal in nightlife. There's more already in the works."

Stream LEPORE., below.

Photo courtesy of Amanda Lepore