Despite the treachery of the COVID-19 pandemic, international fashion houses are still serving masterfully imagined concepts and star-powered imagery on the Fall 2020 campaign trail. Between Prada's candid backstage stills, Nicolas Ghesquière's friendship-inspired portraits for Louis Vuitton, and Miu Miu's multitude of artistic partnerships with the likes of Gigi Hadid, Nikolai von Bismark, and mother-daughter duo Kate and Lila Moss, this upcoming season of high-fashion promotions is sure to satisfy your sartorial cravings. Below, indulge in our top picks.


Creative director Mark Weston continues to forge a new path for Dunhill with its fall campaign. Titled "The New Wave," the menswear brand drew inspiration from the iconic Blitz Club, which saw the likes of Boy George and Jean Paul Gaultier erode gendered norms to allow for an exploration of personal identities during the upheaval of '80s Britain.

The campaign is also a homage to the work of British photographer Homer Sykes who perfectly captured the chaos-fueled nightlife of elite Londoners, allowing the nature of the time to live on in a physical form. From this renewed sense of direction, Dunhill showcases its polished yet relaxed leathers as well as its sleek new Lock Bag, and ode to the classically British attaché case.

J Brand

For its Fall 2020 campaign, LA-based denim label J Brand paid homage to the origin of its success: the timeless skinny jean. Shot in Stockholm by photographer Mikael Jansson and styled by Mattias Karlsson, the black-and-white imagery captures the raw beauty of the J Brand woman and the silhouette that started it all. Within the collection, the design house's innovative new fabric, Limitless Stretch denim, which stretches to twice its original size without bagging or buckling, makes its debut among the calming, natural settings. Technological innovation meets the brand's legacy in this reflective campaign, ultimately showcasing how far J Brand has come since its humble beginnings in 2004.

Louis Vuitton

Artistic Director Nicolas Ghesquière invited the Maison's longtime friends and family to his photography studio, an artistic laboratory on the Quai Voltaire in Paris, to capture the creative investment in each very personal ensemble.

"I thought it would be interesting to extend my work to photography, to follow through to the end of the creative process and give the collection its final punctuation," says Ghesquière, who took up the camera for the first time this season. "In this portrait gallery, everyone is there for my own personal reasons, and I liked discovering new connections with people I knew already."

Among the 20 famous faces and well-renowned artists fronting the campaign are Léa Seydoux, Marina Foïs, Noémie Merlant, Akon Changkou, Stacy Martin, Dina Asher-Smith, Lous and the Yakuza and Sora Choi.

Miu Miu

Miu Miu conducted a visual study on proximity among elite creatives, specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic, in a collage-constructed campaign titled "Close." Working with a selection of close-knit collaborators, the Italian label artfully displayed its broader world of high fashion in a melting pot of creatives.

Their artistic partners include Gigi Hadid and Liz Collins, who documented the high energy backstage during the Paris show in March; Nikolai von Bismark, who shot Lila Moss at home with Kate Moss and Katie Grand playing stylist; Steve Mackey, who photographed Kasper Kapica on location in London with hand-painted work by Patrick Waugh; Amber Pickerton, who took photos of young people engaging with space in London after a period of self-isolation; and Anthony Turner, Luella Bartley, Silvia Prada and Chantal Stracey, who shared their individual interpretations through hand-drawn illustrations.

A melding of identities and mediums, Miu Miu's "Close" campaign proves the uplifting power of collaboration, even if it's from afar.

JW Anderson

The imagery of Jonathan Anderson's Fall 2020 campaign ignites the playful, carefree spirit of the London-based label's sophisticated-yet-youthful silhouettes. Shot by photographer and filmmaker Tyler Mitchell and styled by the brand's longtime collaborator Benjamin Bruno, the campaign spotlights model Toni Smith as well as Mitchell himself both centered on an olden day playground roundabout. The rusty structure starkly contrasts the modern textiles and contemporary cuts present in the fall collection, while Smith effortlessly spins Mitchell as he stands in the center steadily holding the camera.


Named The Ritual, Gucci's Fall 2020 campaign mirrors the altered perspective that inspired Creative Director Alessandro Michele's vision for the collection's fashion week presentation, where the audience got a behind-the-scenes look at the show. Following in suit, models took creative control of the imagery with the brief to simply wear each look in their daily life from the comfort of their homes and capture themselves doing so.

"I decided to let the clothes travel towards the houses of the cast of models — the characters that have embodied my stories for years; individuals I chose precisely, over time, for their uniqueness that usually brings my campaigns to life," explains Michele.

Raf Simons

Shot by Willy Vanderperre and styled by Olivier Rizzo, Raf Simons' Fall 2020 campaign juxtaposes the intensity of nature with the simplicity of contemporary fashion. Saturated skies, some pleasantly purple and others angrily orange, provide a backdrop for the Belgian designer's sleek, monotone designs. Entranced by the otherworldly setting, models Luca Lemaire, David Musefano and Lennert De Lathauwer stand alone in a deserted wheat field, manifesting the idea that although starkly contrasting, humanity is one with nature. A collection marked by adventurous style and the reinventing of traditional garments, the campaign speaks to the futuristic nature of Simons' design techniques.


These Prada ads feature glamorous backstage imagery from the House's runway show in February during Milan Fashion Week — taken by Daniel Arnold, Gigi Hadid, Phil Meech and Kevin Tachman — but the project extends far beyond its selection of visually appealing photography. It's a call to action in collaboration with Sotheby's.

Together, the two brands will host an online auction in October where original pieces from the Prada fashion show in Milan will belong to the highest bidder. Even better, all proceeds generated will be donated to benefit UNESCO educational projects, a non-profit expanding inclusion in education for vulnerable populations around the world.

Salvatore Ferragamo

For Salvatore Ferragamo's Fall 2020 campaign, Creative Director Paul Andrew truly meant business in every sense of the word. Shaping a multi-faceted portfolio with the label's latest, sharply tailored suits and rich accessories, the models Mariacarla Boscono, Malick Bodian and Luca Lemaire enliven the visual tapestry of the season.

"I wanted to create an elevated and colorful campaign that invites the viewer to appreciate the craft and beauty in individual pieces and simultaneously appreciate the impact when the collection is coordinated into toe-to-head looks," Andrew says. "It's a campaign about the relationship between depth and surface."

Photos courtesy of brands

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