Alice Longyu Gao's Tips for Making Quarantine Less Sucky

Alice Longyu Gao's Tips for Making Quarantine Less Sucky

When Alice Longyu Gao's not drinking her "Rich Bitch Juice," she's losing her mind in quarantine. The breakout artist's new single, "Quarantine Rly Sucks," which surprise dropped today, follows in the path of her peers' relatable lockdown releases, from Charli XCX's "Anthems" to Kitten's "My House." "I hate this/ I hate this," Gao repeats above bouncy electro-pop beats, co-produced with Jack Laboz's. "Quarantine really fucked me up."

According to Gao, this is the only song she's made over the past few months in isolation, and it was inspired by heartbreak and "wanting someone so bad." Through it all, Laboz was by Gao's side "to help me get through my sorrow," which ultimately led to them writing "Quarantine Rly Sucks" over a two-hour phone call. "This song is an [sic] record of what I went through during this unprecedented, probably forever unforgettable massive global quarantine."

The track arrives this week alongside a remix by Dog Show Records' Gupi, as well as an official remix competition for fans to create and submit their best interpretation of "Quarantine Rly Sucks." Stems are publicly available on Gao's website with a deadline of July 10 to enter, and she included a Vengaboys nightcore reference as inspiration. The winner gets a piece from Gao's own closet.

To celebrate Alice Longyu Gao's new single, PAPER asked her for tips on making quarantine less sucky. See, below, for her advice, featuring a Hilary Duff anecdote and plenty of Soho House-endorsed skincare products. Whatever gets you through.

1. Hilary Duff-Endorsed Skincare

I came across this Hilary Duff vid and found a lab-made skincare brand, called Glecyne. The repair cream, natural retinol and the stem-c cell serum absolutely helped with my sun-damaged skin. It smoothed my skin like magic.

Actually, I worked with Matthew Koma during quarantine on an old song we wrote last year. In 2018, I got to meet Hilary in person at Matt's show and she likes my song, "Magnificroissant." It was surreal to see her showing everyone my music vid backstage, cause I'm a huge Lizzie [McGuire] fan. When I was little living in China, Lizzie equaled America to me.

2. Foot Cream

I got this foot cream through Soho House's quarantine member's box and wow... I didn't realize everyone should totally be rubbing their feet with foot cream. It exfoliates and makes me aspire to be a cute grandma with baby feet in the future.

3. Scented Candles

I am a huge candle fan and my fave candle brand was always Cire Trudon, but this floral scent candle made by The Webster is amazing. I bought it by accident and put it on my night stand next to my bed. It acts like a diffuser when I'm not burning it.

4. Self-Massages 

I've also discovered self-massages to deal with my toxicated liver and kidney. I use the foot cream, mentioned above, as a massage cream, and massage my thighs every night while watching news on CNN and MSNBC about coronavirus and protests. Obv I get worried and angry after watching the news.

5. Pillow Mist 

Then, I spray this sleeping spray on my pillows. This and the above things have actually up made my stay-at-home quarantine routine.

Photo courtesy of Alice Longyu Gao