Alexis Stone Transforms Into a Fake Beauty Influencer

Alexis Stone Transforms Into a Fake Beauty Influencer

If there's one thing you can count on makeup artist Alexis Stone to do exceedingly well, it's his ability to transform into literally anyone, including himself from 10 years ago. Just ask any of his 800k followers.

Earlier this year, for instance, the artist shocked fans by revealing that the number of "botched" surgeries that he claimed to have received, was all just a very carefully maneuvered makeup trick.

Stone told PAPER his motivation was to demonstrate the transformative power of makeup — a point well made.

This time, the London-based YouTuber and illusionist decided to test his artistic abilities by transforming into a fake beauty influencer. The magic transpired in his latest video, where in his signature fashion, Stone is seen rapidly blending a number of different products.

"The incredible thing with social media is encouraging the younger generation to be creative," he said in the video. "I'm going to be playing with some of my favorite makeup products as well as the products that beauty influencers seem to run and rave about. Let's create our own beauty influencer!"

After an enormous amount of contouring and fastidious blending, Stone emerges looking unrecognizable and quite convincing in his beauty influencer avatar.

"We have such a vast selection of beauty influencers online now," Stone said. "I wanted to play with makeup in general taking a combination of everything we're used to seeing and combine it together to create, how I envision a sort of modern-day beauty influencer."

Photo via Instagram