Watch Abby Jasmine's 'Like Me' Visualizer

Watch Abby Jasmine's 'Like Me' Visualizer

by Logan Potter

On Friday, Abby Jasmine released the deluxe edition of Who Cares? — her Geffen/Cinematic debut — which features four new tracks: "Cold (Interlude)," "Like Me," "First Day Out" and "Stuck On You." Known for her blend of R&B and pop, the New Yorker was determined to release an extended project that would refine her original album — a process that meant "nurturing the R&B and pop sounds" from the original tracklist and filling in "the pieces that were missing."

Jasmine says she "wanted to give more of those vibes and push myself creatively to explore new ranges," adding that "R&B gives me a space to be more vulnerable and that's something I want everyone to take away from the deluxe: that it's okay to be vulnerable and express how you feel without caring how other people may perceive you."

The deluxe album kept Jasmine hard at work during an otherwise challenging time for productivity, as each of the four new tracks was created during the pandemic. Despite the inevitable obstacles that came with such a release, Jasmine is still enthusiastic about her latest work (which is deserving of high praise, as the new cover art suggests).

"The experience of creating during quarantine was somewhat challenging, having to balance a lot of things while still finding time to record," Jasmine continues. "But I love a challenge and the outcomes that are on the other side. So I'm really excited about this work and these songs."

Stream Abby Jasmine's deluxe edition of Who Cares? and watch her newly released "Like Me" visualizer.

Photo courtesy of Rowmel F