Aaron Philip Is the Star of Outdoor Voices' New Launch

Aaron Philip Is the Star of Outdoor Voices' New Launch

At this point, Aaron Philip is poised to take over the world and, honestly, we're here for it. Her latest campaign? A launch for activewear brand Outdoor Voices' new OV Cotton line.

Earlier today, Outdoor Voices posted images from the launch of their new, summery cotton collection. Featuring Philip alongside a diverse array of models, the beautifully-shot campaign instantly made a splash on the brand's Instagram.

Outdoor Voices also followed up with another pic from the launch, but turned the spotlight on Philip and her rise in the modeling world.

"Aaron believes that people of every shape, size, and color deserve to have their voices and stories heard, which is why we wanted to feature her in our OV Cottons launch," they continued. "Recreation takes on many forms, and at OV we want to make you feel comfortable pursuing whatever form of recreation it is that brings you life."

Honestly, if you ever need an example of fashion actually doing inclusivity right, this is it. Check out the pics from the OV Cotton launch, below.

Photo courtesy of Outdoor Voices