Upcoming 50 Cent Horror Film Was Too Spooky for Cameraman

Upcoming 50 Cent Horror Film Was Too Spooky for Cameraman

by Payton Dunn

50 Cent’s upcoming horror movie is becoming a little bit too realistic for some of the staff. The film, Skill House, is set to star the “In Da Club” rapper and is so grotesque that a cameraman reportedly fainted on set in the middle of filming, halting production for almost an hour as a medic rushed to help out.

50 Cent shared the news with Instagram on Tuesday along with a bloody picture from set.

The film is set to revolve around social media and influencer culture and is being directed by Josh Stolberg, who’s best known for his work on the SAW franchise. It boasts a star-studded lineup of cast members, with 50 Cent starring alongside YouTuber and TikToker Hannah Stocking. They’ll be taking over the Sway House for the upcoming film, which was home to a TikTok collective of the same name.

The film is being produced by Ryan Kavanaugh, and is the first film to be listed on his new website Entertainment Stock Exchange, which lets users invest in films, granting them the rights to vote and visit the set as well as giving them tickets to the premiere.

Kavanaugh shared the inside scoop from the cameraman incident with Entertainment Weekly, saying, “Steve Johnson (the film's makeup and effects artist), whom I believe is the best in the business, makes it all seem so realistic. It's a whole new level of horror. When it happened, it was nighttime, dimly lit, and we were in the middle of filming a frightening scene that involved a lot of blood. One of our camera operators literally dropped and passed out. The camera broke, an on-set medic came and tended to him, and we broke for almost an hour. He was a trooper though, and he resumed shooting within an hour.”

Even the film slate couldn’t avoid all the gore that was splattering around on set, with Stolberg sharing an image of it covered in blood to Instagram.

If the event is any indication, Skill House is sure to build up more and more hype as they get further into production. Only time will tell if it actually lives up to it.

Photo via Getty/ Stephen Lovekin