Zara Larsson Dives into the Meaning of 'Ruin My Life'

Zara Larsson Dives into the Meaning of 'Ruin My Life'

Swedish pop singer, Zara Larsson, may be young at only 20-years old but she already has released two chart-topping albums and has more than ten years of experience under her belt. Gearing up for her third studio album, Larsson returned today with her brand new single "Ruin My Life."

A sweeping anthem, "Ruin My Life" is Larsson at her dreamiest with pensive piano breakdowns and cinematic sing-a-long choruses that roll into stadium-sized emotional crescendo after emotional crescendo. Larsson unearths a darker side of herself lyrically with this latest release, diving into the dynamics of a toxic relationship. With a self-annihilating fatalism, Larsson's refrain of "I want you to ruin my life/ruin my life/ruin my life" may seem naively reckless but, as the singer explains, taps into a more universal sentiment.

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"Ruin My Life" may not be the perfect fairytale romance that we have come to expect in pop but it is for exactly that reason that the song hits all the more closer to home. "I think we've all been there at one point in our lives," Larsson explains, going on to say that from the outside choosing to stay in a toxic relationship may seem inexplicable to others but there is always a motivation behind it.

Watch Zara Larsson explain "Ruin My Life" in a PAPER exclusive below:

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