WizTheMc Quits Love in 'Break'

WizTheMc Quits Love in 'Break'

Has heartbreak ever sounded this smooth? South African-born, Germany-raised singer WizTheMc just released his new single, "Break," and as much as it's a warm, feel-good song on the surface, its message hits much deeper. The 22-year-old sings about a relationship that's slowly turned sour — not necessarily from cheating or anything serious, it's just not working. Which is why "Break" stings to listen to and its video is even harder to watch.

The visual shows how WizTheMc and his partner were initially perfect for each other. They joked around, lounged together on the couch, and sat on the porch and watched the stars. But due to time, and what looks like WizTheMc's burgeoning career, that changed — immensely. They went from lovers to friends, to sworn enemies. The video ends with his partner moving out, leaving him on his own. It's brutal, but realistic — not every match made in Heaven remains there.

Speaking to PAPER, WizTheMc explained the meaning of this release. "It depicts the falling out of love phase in a relationship," he said. "Not only is the couple's idea of each other growing increasingly gloomy, the place they called their home also seems to be affected by their feelings."

"Break" is the second single that will appear on WizTheMc's forthcoming sophomore EP, Where Silence Feels Good. His first-ever EP, What About Now, came out last year. After starting to officially rap in 2015 after forming a collective with friends called NOHOMES, WizTheMc's been working intensely on building his own sound and brand. He's someone to stay tuned into as he continues to evolve.

Check out the video for WizTheMc's "Break" and stream it, below.

Photo courtesy of WizTheMc