Whole Foods Opens a Restaurant Called 'Yellow Fever'

Whole Foods Opens a Restaurant Called 'Yellow Fever'

Whole Foods 365 in Long Beach, CA opened a restaurant that serves "Asian bowls for your soul" called "Yellow Fever." The @365WholeFoods Twitter account announced its opening on Wednesday.

The restaurant, which has received a lot of flack for its "offensive," "racist," and "ignorant"name, is actually one of the two branches of the original Yellow Fever restaurant in Torrance. The eatery has been open for years, and is owned by its Korean-American co-founder and Executive Chef, Kelly Kim.

Kim tells CBS Los Angeles that they have never really received criticism until they partnered with the major grocery chain. The sudden nationwide exposure resulted in mixed reactions and spurred debates within the Asian and Asian American communities.

Still, Kim stands by the name of her restaurant, and told CBS, "I hope that once they come in and try our food and see us for who we are and who we're trying to be, that they'll realize that they're picking on the little kid, you know?"

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