Watch the Inspiring First Trailer for Netflix's 'Sense8' Season Two

Watch the Inspiring First Trailer for Netflix's 'Sense8' Season Two

It's been almost two years since the Wachowski sisters re-entered the cultural conversation with the release of their insanely bingeable Netflix series Sense8. The show, which focused on a group of eight telepathically-connected individuals ("sensates," get it?) who all lived in different parts of the world, was an instant hit. Featuring a multi-racial cast and main characters who were trans and gay, many Netflix viewers praised Sense8 for its unapologetic diversity. (Plus, who wasn't obsessed with those polysexual orgy scenes?)

Unfortunately, after the release of the first season, many were unsure about the show's fate—prompting diehard fans to desperately scour the internet for clues about the possibility of a second season. And even when a second season was confirmed, information about its release was scarce. The best we got was a two-hour-long Christmas special that was gifted to us last December.

It looks like it might finally be time to start re-bingeing the amazing show from the beginning though because, as of today, we finally have a release date and a new trailer for the show's imminent return.

Get excited by watching the trailer below. Season two of Sense8 returns on May 5th.

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