Wargasm Wants You to Feel How You Feel

Wargasm Wants You to Feel How You Feel

Wargasm isn't angry any more. Though it may sound otherwise, the nu-metal duo's new single "Super Fiend" pushes past the point of aggravation and lays it all on the table.

"We wrote this song because we want to be left alone, free from fake friends and the posturing that can plague the relationships around us," Wargasm says. "It’s nice to be nice, but it’s also nice sometimes to just be. With the human experience comes a spectrum of emotions. Anger is energy, suck it up and feel how you feel."

Inspired by the 2000AD comic universe, Slipknot and society's slow creep towards chaos, bandmates Milkie Way and Sam Matlock offer "Super Fiend" as an escape. "I don’t wanna be good/ I wanna be a super fiend," Milkie sings playfully with Sam's chanting chorus: "I’m not angry anymore."

The accompanying "Super Fiend" music video, premiering today on PAPER, splices together a thrashing mosh pit against Wargasm’s delirium-inducing live performance.

"We wanted to capture the essence of what a Wargasm live show has to offer — that being blood, sweat, flesh and chaos," they say. "The Explicit Tour was our first move into some much bigger rooms, so we finally had the breathing space to be able to up the production value of our shows, and this is only the beginning."

Together, Wargasm sets fire to the idea of niceness, drawing a curtain back on the facades of friendship. To be a "Super Fiend," you have to put yourself first, not conform to someone else’s standard of good.

"As the opening track on our MiXXXTape we wanted Super Fiend to be a blistering descent into what could be considered a villain era," they say. "We wanted to show our distain for the back handed fake industry and social niceties that we are surrounded by. You can’t be friends with everyone, so what’s the harm in making some enemies."

With the vinyl for MiXXXTapenow available and a debut album on the way for 2023, the two are breaking through noise with a new sound. Louder, angrier and more explosive than ever, “Super Fiend,” is just a spark on the dynamite stick for these Londoners.

Photos courtesy of Wargasm