Put These Valentino Stripper Boots on Lady Gaga Immediately

Put These Valentino Stripper Boots on Lady Gaga Immediately

I haven't been this excited about platform shoes since Rick Owens introduced his monster of a towering boot at his Fall 2019 runway. And even before that, none of the girls could quite make the platform as ubiquitous as Jeffrey Campbell did all those years ago.

Which makes these insane stripper boots that debuted at Valentino's couture show today all the more impressive, considering no one else has really been checking for big platform soles lately. We're still used to seeing pretty single-soled heels — and yes, rock-stud sandals — from the brand, so you can understand why we clutched our pearls (in a good way!) at the aggressive footwear on display this morning.

Just look at the Internet's reaction to the shoes, which range from bewilderment to amusement to people joking (we think) about how they'll happily risk breaking several bones to wear a pair. Never mind that the some of the models at the show looked visibly uncomfortable trying to stay balanced on the runway.

You know who wouldn't have a problem walking in these shoes? Lady Gaga, of course, whose name was floated around a lot on Twitter in conjunction with these photos. Who could forget her The Fame days when she wouldn't leave the house without a towering 7-inch platform heel on? She already wore Valentino Haute Couture a few months ago and is the face of the brand's Voce Viva fragrance. So please, Gaga, get yourself in these shoes and step on our necks ASAP. We won't mind one bit.

Check out the shoes in motion for yourself in the video from the brand's Spring 2021 haute couture show, below.

Photos courtesy of Valentino