Tyra Banks Leapt Out of a Car to Help an Aspiring Model

Tyra Banks Leapt Out of a Car to Help an Aspiring Model

Looks like Rihanna's little lookalike isn't the only aspiring model getting a little boost from supermodel and business mogul Tyra Banks.

Over the weekend, Banks was at BeautyCon LA when she spotted beauty YouTuber Tatyana Ali in the middle of a curbside photo shoot. So, naturally, she leapt out of her car to assist.

Retelling the story via her Instagram earlier today, Banks shared her favorite shot of Ali, writing, "When you go to @beautycon and you're in your car leaving but you see a photo shoot happening that is kind of going in the wrong direction."

"What else do you do but put on your Super/Model/Hero cape, jump out of the car, grab the camera from the photographer and start clicking," Banks continued, before adding, "Maybe one day I'll jump out of the car to capture YOU. #TyraTaughtMe."

That said, Banks was quick to also acknowledge that the photographer eventually "took some amazing photos" after a quick five-minute lesson.

Not only that, but Ali also ended up posting a photo of Banks behind the camera, writing, "Soo today THEEE TYRA BANKS got out of her car to take photos of me. BASICALLY this is most iconic moment in my life." Ali then went on to joke, "Quick question though Tyra, can you just sign me?"

Check out her post, below.

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