While some may still debate the true cultural impact of reality television, no one can deny that many of the bar fights, sex scenes and screaming matches take some Oscar-level acting chops. And one of the most over-the-top scripted reality shows of our time? None other than the legendary Jersey Shore, which still remains the pinnacle of televised dramatics for many. So the only way to truly commemorate this late aughts classic? Turn some of the show's screencaps into a meme, obviously.

Yep, thanks to Twitter user @sinamonroll's brilliant thread reframing scenes of Seaside Heights' finest as contemporary cinema greats, we now have the Jersey Shore as movies meme, which posit Snooki, JWoww et al. as the stars of films like Blue Is The Warmest Color, The Exorcist and Gone Girl.

Needless to say, they're pretty great. Check out a few of our favorites below and try to help us puzzle out why the cast of Jersey Shore never got all the noms they truly deserved. SMH.

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