A TV Reboot of 'Twilight' Is in the Works

A TV Reboot of 'Twilight' Is in the Works

BYMatt MoenApr 19, 2023

Get ready to dust off those Team Jacob shirts and prepare to be dazzled once again by the sparkliest vampires you've ever laid eyes on. It sounds like the Twilight series might be getting rebooted as a TV show.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a new television adaptation of the film franchise based on Stephanie Meyer's bestselling book series is in the early stages of development via Lionsgate. The project currently does not have a writer, network or any specific names attached to the project but the studio, which owns the rights to the Twilight, is currently said to be bringing the package to prospective buyers.

There is currently no hard and fast timeline for the project but Lionsgate is reportedly searching for a writer to helm the series before shopping it around. Meyer is rumored to be attached to the series but to what extent remains unclear. Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer signaled as early as 2017 that the studio wasn't done with the Twilight property in an earnings call with Wall Street, explaining that “there are a lot more stories to be told, and we’re ready to tell them when our creators are ready to tell those stories."

Spread across five movies that came out between 2008 and 2012, the original Twilight franchise capitalized on the success of the already popular teen romance novels and blew up into a full scale cultural phenomenon. Not only did it help catapult Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Launter into the realm of stardom, but the franchise ended up grossing $3.4 billion worldwide over the course of its lifespan.

Word that a Twilight series is in the work comes on the heel of the news that Max (fka HBO Max) was also in the early stages of development for their own TV adaptation of the Harry Potter franchise. There are currently plans for a decade-long run of the adaptation with a brand new cast set to tackle the roles of Harry, Ron, Hermione and more. Unfortunately, notorious TERF and author of the original series, J.K. Rowling, will be attached as executive producer so make what you may of that.

On the bright side, Taylor Swift now has a second chance at securing that New Moon role she always wanted.

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