Taylor Swift Asked to Be Cast in 'Twilight: New Moon'

Taylor Swift Asked to Be Cast in 'Twilight: New Moon'

Taylor Swift was close to making her big-screen acting debut via Twilight: New Moon.

On Tuesday, August 16, director Chris Weitz appeared on "The Twilight Effect" podcast with hosts Ashley Greene and Melanie Howe to discuss his work on the second movie from the Twilight saga, during which he made a bombshell revelation that involved the pop superstar and Stephanie Meyer super fan, who apparently asked to appear in the 2009 hit film.

"Taylor Swift was a huge Twi-hard and Taylor Swift and I had the same agent at the time. He said, ‘Taylor would like to be in this movie," as Weitz explained, before adding that she was okay with just making a brief cameo, even if it was just as “someone at the cafeteria or the diner.”

But as any Swiftie or fellow Twilight obsessive knows, the star never appeared in the movie, despite the buzz it would've created. So then what went wrong? Well according to Weitz, it all came down to a lingering worry that her immense celebrity would distract people from the film itself, meaning he ultimately decided to reject Swift's request.

“The hardest thing for me was to be like, the moment that Taylor Swift walks onto the screen, for about five minutes, nobody is going to be able to process anything,” he said. “I kick myself for it, too, because I was like, ‘Wow, I could’ve been hanging out with Taylor Swift. We could have been friends.'”

Weitz continued, "She must have been like, ‘Who is this jerk?’ But sometimes you make decisions thinking this is for the best of the film.” And at the end of the day everything turned out okay in terms of the "All Too Well" singer's movie career, seeing as how she later made an appearance in the CGI nightmare that was Catsand is also slated to star in David O. Russell's Amsterdam.

Watch Weitz's entire chat with "The Twilight Effect" below


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