Trevor Noah Seen Kissing Dua Lipa After Leaving ‘The Daily Show’

Trevor Noah Seen Kissing Dua Lipa After Leaving ‘The Daily Show’

by Payton Dunn

Trevor Noah sadly announced last night that he’d be leaving his flagship series The Daily Show, and it seems that he’s already gotten other opportunities lined up for himself — like getting a piece of the “Sweetest Pie” from none other than pop singer Dua Lipa.

The two were seen enjoying a nice Jamaican meal at Miss Lily’s in the East Village on Wednesday night. They were “Levitating” in their own realm, having “quietly sat away from everyone else” according to an eyewitness report given to Page Six.

Despite the 11-year age gap between the two, the night ended in a nice little smooch. There’s a “One Kiss” joke in here somewhere.

Speaking of age gaps, Trevor Noah’s departure from The Daily Show marks his seventh year heading the series, taking over Jon Stewart's powerful role in 2015 when Dua Lipa had just entered her 20s.

Twitter was quick to clown on the whole situation, baffled by the pairing of the unlikely couple.

Other stans were encouraging the singer to keep her options open.

It seems that Dua Lipa’s “Cold Heart” is warming regardless, and we can’t knock her for it.

Photos courtesy of Jojo Korsh/BFA