Travis Scott Stops Coney Island Performance for Crowd Control

Travis Scott Stops Coney Island Performance for Crowd Control

by Payton Dunn

Travis Scott seems adamant on carefully tip-toeing his way back into the world of live music following the Astroworld disaster back in November, having given his first public performance just a few short months ago in May. It hasn’t taken long for his signature rowdiness to start escalating towards unsafe ends again.

Fans were seen climbing up a truss during Scott’s performance of “Antidote” while opening for Meek Mill on Monday night. To make sure things remained safe at the Coney Island Fourth of July concert, Scott paused the show and told the fans, one fittingly wearing a Spiderman costume, that they needed to come down. Scott then dove into his set again, saying to the crowd, “If everybody ok, let me get a hell yeah,” receiving a rapturous chorus of fans shouting “hell yeah” back at him.

Later in the night, the crowd was starting to get a little too packed. Scott, who came back to performing with a brand new safety task force, stepped up and instructed everybody to take two steps back before he could start performing again.

The “two steps back” safety procedure is commonplace at concerts that are starting to get a little too crowded, something that Scott has become all too familiar with since November's tragedy. The crowd crush of 50,000 people at his Astroworld performance was what led to the deaths of 10 people in the audience, including one as young as nine-years-old.

His handling of the Coney Island incident is important, as Scott will be having his first solo concert since the Astroworld incident tomorrow at The O2 in London, and he’ll be giving it to a sold-out crowd of a venue with a capacity of almost 16,000. The concert sold out so quickly that Scott added a second date for July 7, with all of the tickets for tomorrow’s concert having been purchased in just under two short hours.

There’s clearly still lots of demand for Scott performances despite the events at Astroworld, and hopefully his actions at Coney Island on Monday are an indication that he’s ready to handle it again and can keep his concerts safe.

Photo via Getty/ Erika Goldring/ WireImage