Tommy Cash's Margiela Collab Includes Bread Slippers

Tommy Cash's Margiela Collab Includes Bread Slippers

by Riley Runnells

In 2019, as part of an exhibition with Rick Owens, Tommy Cash introduced his bread slippers, or bread loaves transformed into shoes and marked with the Maison Margiela logo. Now, almost two years later, the Estonian rapper has officially released the trompe l'oeil slippers in collaboration with Margiela — only this time without the real carbohydrates.

The shoes, with a white-colored inside and a golden brown, freshly baked outside, are just one piece to the wonderfully strange puzzle that is Cash and Margiela's merch. Eight months in the works, the co-branded merch capsule includes more conventional items like a black hoodie, striped sweater, T-shirt and cash-mat, and more outlandish items like the slippers, or "loafers," and a luxury pack of ramen that, despite its delicious exterior, promises perishing as a consequence of consumption.

In addition to the collab, Cash has released a five-minute-long silent track called "Mute (By Maison Margiela)." On the track, Cash explained, "For most of us, being awake being bombarded by sound, specifically organized for consumption. The everyday noises of streets, nature, and homes are constantly muted by whatever the algorithms bring."

He continued, "Instead of birds, we are listening to podcasts or anything recorded in the last 144 years. Instead of information about the actual surroundings, our ears are receiving an endless flood of escapist fare. Or 24/7 supply of news that keeps us attached to a steady source of anxiety. During the pandemic situation, it's become even more so, as consumption of some content is replacing what is left of the 'real life' more and more."

Shop the entire collab here, and experience "Mute (By Maison Margiela)," below.

Photos courtesy of Tommy Cash/ Maison Margiela