Tommy Cash Launches Wearable NFT Line

Tommy Cash Launches Wearable NFT Line

Tommy Cash is bringing his bold fashion choices and creative artistry into the NFT realm. The Estonian rapper, singer and conceptual artist has partnered up exclusively with augmented reality wardrobe platform ZERO10 to create a line of wearable NFT pieces, which users can buy, wear and share in the metaverse.

The AR bundle is entitled "Virginity Leaf," and is inspired by Adam’s Fig Leaf, reinterpreting the biblical reference with new meaning for the modern age. It stays true to Cash's style, and his track record of championing inclusivity, sexual freedom and body positivity. The line includes three items: A soviet car transformer, a virginity leaf and a jacket made of bread.

"Fashion has always been perceived as a form of art, with designs showcased in galleries and owned by museum archives, acting as a commentary on the culture of the time. NFTs are becoming so popular not only among art collectors but also in the fashion industry for a reason," says ZERO10 Co-Founder George Yashin. "The collaboration with Tommy Cash highlights the eternal relationship between fashion, art and culture, bringing his unique vision and creativity captured in time in a new digital form.”

The entire limited edition bundle is worth 0.1ETH and is available through the ZERO10 app for three weeks after its launch on Thursday, December 16, 2021. See the items, below.

Photos courtesy of ZER010