Tom Hanks Compares Kids to 'Renaissance Artists' Amid 'Nepo Baby' Debate

Tom Hanks Compares Kids to 'Renaissance Artists' Amid 'Nepo Baby' Debate

Tom Hanks is revisiting his recent defense of the "family business."

Last week, the Oscar winner weighed in on the "nepo baby" debate by defending his four children — Colin Hanks, Chet Hanks, Elizabeth Hanks and Truman Hanks — against accusations of nepotism, saying that his family's involvement in entertainment was similar to "if we were a plumbing supply business or if we ran the florist shop down the street." That said, he's since elaborated on his previous comments in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, and it turns out he still thinks that having famous parents is just like being the child of a shoemaker or a car dealer.

"The shoe industry is a family business, the car industry is a family business," as he told the outlet during the premiere of his new movie, A Man Called Otto, which also features Truman as the young version of his character.

"I think my kids are all like Renaissance artists, you know? [They] are good at whatever they choose to be," Hanks continued. However, he did admit to one small caveat, adding that "the question here is, 'Can you make it stick?'"

"You've got to have a passion, you've got to have a drive," the Forrest Gump actor said. "And yeah, our household has existed in the company town that is Los Angeles."

Not only that, but Hanks went on to skirt the nepo baby conversation by claiming that the director of A Man Called Otto was the one who wanted to cast Truman, saying that he thought it "would make sense because we do resemble each other a lot."

"But the final analysis is the person has to show up on the day and hit the marks and tell the truth. Only he can make that decision," he said. "It was totally up to him."

Hanks added, "[It's] a combination of talent, perseverance, drive and no small amount of luck."

You can read Hanks' entire red carpet interview with Entertainment Tonight here.

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